Save the Beer Walk


The annual Saddleworth Beer Walk, a local fancy-dress fundraising event, has been scrapped due to some dubious policing figures. See the Manchester Evening News website for more info. A debate raged in the comments and the town is still pretty divided over the issue.…


The walk IS a fundraising event, but it cannot be denied that most walkers do it to dress up, get drunk and have a laugh. Why would you not want to be part of this?!


Montage vid


Sheep Jump


Rugby Haka- gay


Pretty crazy shit, yeah? It’s been getting busier year-on-year as people from outside Oldham discover the event- usually through Facebook pictures- and join in. But officially, it is no more. The Round Table, the organisation that hosts the Beer Walk, have scrapped the proceedings for 2012 citing policing and cleanup costs. It DOES get messy on the day, with a LOT of booze being drank, but Many commenters say the figures are totally, totally wrong. I say, now that the walk has been OFFICIALLY scrapped, it’s going to go ahead anyway. And if the police aren’t there, the possibility of violence is now even higher. Hence, the decision by the Round Table to scrap the event is totally moronic.


The people of Oldham have spoken, of course using Facebook. Here’s the unofficial Beer Walk 2012 page, citing 2nd June as the chosen day.


So, the suggestion put forward by some: It costs more to police and clean up than the event raises in charity money, hence needed to be scrapped. My argument: it’s not possible to scrap an outdoor event like this. Too many people still willing to walk, too much space for the police to cover.


But there’s another reason to keep this tradition alive- something more important than fundraising or trade to Saddleworth pubs.


It’s the sluts.


The Saddleworth Beer Walk brings out the slutty side in women. It’s an excuse for them to dress up in kinky outfits. It’s their chance to misbehave and drive men crazy with lust. It’s like a second Halloween. I’ve done a bit on web-trawling to gather evidence.




Now, tell me you don’t want this to go ahead.


Now that the police evidently cannot be arsed trying come to a sensible agreement, the day will probably have MORE outbursts of violence and will attract MORE of the minority of people going just to fuck things up. This time, there’ll be no police to stop them. So well done, Round Table. You are now responsible for whoever gets battered/spiked/raped/drowned/hypothermia on the day.

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