Plenty of Fish in the Sea



I’m single! I like being single! I HAVEN’T HAD THIS MUCH SEX SINCE I WAS A BOY SCOUT LEADER! I mean, at the time, I was… dating. A lot.”

  • Frank
    Drebin (Leslie Neilson) defends his argument in Naked Gun 2+1/2


When was the last time I went on a date? A long fuckin’ time ago, is enough of a description. Why? I don’t know. I’ve recently had a LOT of shit going on in my life, and haven’t really had the chance to focus on women. There was a time when I could roll into a bar and pull in 15 minutes. But not any more. Why? Because I don’t go to the same scrote-filled bars full of violent, chavvy bitches, for one thing. The clubs I actually like and enjoy going to are, altruistically, the ones that are the hardest to pull in. Places where the décor is smart and the music is cutting edge. But neither type of bar is working for me, so it’s time for a different tack. is a free dating site. Hundreds of single women are waiting by their computers for men to contact them. (They don’t contact men. I’ve been on a few of these sites. The man has to do all the fucking work.) The question: is it any good? Can you get a shag- or even a relationship- out of a dating website?


It’s time to find out. Over a year ago I managed to get one date out of the site. She was quite pretty, but very tired from work. Not to mention, she was massively dull. But that’s just one girl.


I think it’s worth smashing this site for one month. I’ll let you know how it goes. Are you using the site? How is it working for you? Comment below!


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