???Listening in??? to Babestation


If you’ve ever found yourself channel-surfing on freeview after a night at the boozer, there’s a good chance that somewhere around channel 95 you’ll have stopped to check out the girls gyrating on Babestation. There’s a few stations that follow this same format- girls talking on a phone to people paying £1.50 a minute, presumably discussing sex. It makes for good entertainment once in a while.


Most of these shows- Babestation in particular- offer three services: 1) just watch. 2) phone and listen in to the conversation. 3) phone and talk to the girls.


I’m normally a passive viewer, but a year or so I phoned in and selected the “listen in” option during a conversation between the presenter and a female caller. At least, that’s how it was advertised.


What I was offered with was a pre-scripted, pre-recorded dialogue between two actresses- bad ones- just faux-dirty-talking with each other. It didn’t remotely match what was happening on screen.


I don’t know what the law states about broadcasting calls between two people- surely the Data Protection Act comes into play somewhere here. What you say to the girls if you phone and speak to them constitutes your personal data, whather you’re a man or a woman. So opening that out for public consumption would be a breach of that act, right? Unless you declared somehow that you were willing to be exempt. And if you can listen in to a girl caller, surely you’d be able to listen in to a guy caller too, by law, right? Although, who out of Babestation’s viewers would want to do that?


I can confirm, though, that when you DO get through to the girl, you ARE having a conversation with the person on screen. Check out Sheephead’s late-night crusade. What a lad!


While we’re on the subject of phone-in shows, I might as well show you the cream of the videos available online.


Alice Goodwin Caty Cole

<br />Alice Goodwin & Caty Cole <i>by playgirlmix2</i>



Caty cole danica thrall office

<br />Caty Cole & Danica Thrall – Elite TV – 20th of… <i>by Napalm123123</i>


Caty Cole Daryl Morgan

<br />Caty Cole & Daryl Morgan <i>by EuroBabes</i>


Danica Dionne bathtime

<br />Danica And Dionne Bath-time Elite Webstream <i>by BrevilMonkey09</i>



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