James Stannage’s On-Air Poo Calamity



James Stannage, born 22 February 1950, is a British late night talk show radio host. He is best known for presenting The Late Night James Stannage Talk Show on Manchester’s Key 103. He was dismissed from Key 103 in June 2005 after numerous warnings and a history of run-ins with regulator OFCOM.”

  • Wikipedia


Back in 2004 I was on a work experience placement at The Revolution, a radio station in Oldham. This station is one of Key 103’s smaller local competitor stations. While I was there, I was talking to the music manager who told me a story about the loud-mouthed agitator Stannage. Apparently they had previously worked together. I’m blogging this anonymously as I could well be sued by both people for spreading this rumour.


Manchester folk would probably remember Stannage’s talk-show, which was basically four hours of him arguing with a plethora of Manchester chavs looking for what they think will be their 5 minutes of fame and a chance to stand up to possibly the angriest man in Radio. If you were a listener, you might also remember that the show had no music or news bulletins, only pausing between calls for the occasional advert break.


Rumour has it that he was a serious, SERIOUS alcoholic. Music Manager told me that Stannage couldn’t do the show at all unless he was drunk (and considering the show was about 4 hours long, five nights a week, that makes Stannage a fair wreckhead). Music Manager also told me that, due to the show’s layout, Stannage would only get 4 minutes to get out of the studio doing his shift. The ad breaks gave him enough time for a piss, but not enough for a shit. So, one night, while on air talking to the people of Manchester, he shat himself in the presenter’s chair.


Can anyone confirm or deny this? Have you worked with him, or are you, in fact, Stannage himself? Either way, would you like to add your own Stannage tale? Comment below…

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