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He believed it was a natural law that men with secrets tend to be drawn to each other, not because they want to share what they know but because they need the company of the like-minded, the fellow-afflicted- a respite from the other life, from the eerie realness of living with people who do not keep secrets as a profession or duty, or a business fixed to one’s existence.”


  • Libra,
    Don DeLillo


In Don DeLillo’s Libra, a group of CIA agents plan to fake an assassination attempt on John F Kennedy in 1963, with the intention of scaring him into attacking Cuba. As you could imagine, the story unfolds that the plan goes awry, and Kennedy is killed. The novel focuses in part on the lives of these CIA agents, and the way they handle the secrets they work with. It is a stunning novel and I would recommend- no, urge- anyone with the vaguest of interests in the Kennedy assassination to read it.


Tonight I come to you with a plea. Not a plea to keep reading this blog, with all its ridiculous obsessions and distractions, but a polite request of involvement. I’m looking for anonymous bloggers like myself to add to my blogroll so that I can engage more readily in the blogging community- particularly the anonymous blogging community. I want to leave inciting- I mean, insightful- comments on your posts, and in return would welcome your own on mine.


As you can see, so far the blogroll comprises of anonymous bloggers’ websites, or porn stars’ blogs. Kind of both ends of the extremes of identity, I suppose. Essentially, I want people who have great stories and info to tell and blogs that offer some kind of enjoyment for their adult audience. But I’m looking forward to some real engagement with “the fellow-afflicted”, as DeLillo would put it.


If this sounds like you, get in touch. This should result in more blog hits and recognition for all involved.

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