Letdown at Silks



Silks Lapdancing is the strip club that I have been to the most out of all of the clubs in Manchester. It’s smart and clean and the women are, on the whole, hot. I’ve had some awesome dances in there in the past, including one from possibly the finest woman I have ever laid eyes on, Kate.



I went on Thursday for this “fantasy night”, which alledgedy involved the lap dancers wearing kinky outfits.




I arrived at the club at 9:30- the doormen told me there were hardly any girls on and suggested I come back at 10. So I wondered around the empty city for a bit. It obviously wasn’t going to be much busier later on. It was free to get in, which was a surprise, considering the above poster. When I got in, the poster was further contradicted by the absence of said outfits. All the girls were in standard lingerie. They looked hot, but it wasn’t what was implied in the ad. Having said that, I still went over to sit with two stunning brunettes, and got a dance off the pair of them. Here’s where my jaw dropped. I checked the price of a two girl dance. £60 for a standard dance. I was expecting that price. But they then offered a full-strength dance for £120! I didn’t have that kinda money so I settled for the £60 option. The girls were beautiful and were good dancers, but they wouldn’t touch each other. Presumably I’d have to shell out £120 for that. This is bollocks, purely because when Silks first opened in ’09, I could get a two-girl dance for £40 and they’d slap each other’s arses and suck each other’s boobs. It was great- and affordable.


The UK is still in a recession There are less people visiting lap dancing clubs than in previous years. And there are more clubs open now than even before, competing with Silks, both in Manchester and across the UK. How is it that these clubs can justify increasing their prices so much and reduce the “content” in their dances? Are the girls just making up costs as they go along?


So. That might be my last visit to Silks. In a month or so, I’ll try Victoria’s- or maybe give Baby Platinum a shot on another night. Last time I went it was DEAD. Where would you recommend?

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