Public Sector Revelation No.1



I work in the public sector somewhere in Greater Manchester. I managed to get hold of my Chief Exec’s phone bill today. In the middle of a job-cutting frenzy, a period where millions of pounds of “savings” are having to be made, my CEO spent THREE GRAND on one month’s mobile phone bill. What the FUCK does he do with a phone to spend £3K on it?! Fucking telesales on the side to pay the decorators? And why would he be on the phone so much when he’s got secretaries- a fucking TEAM of them?


I would LOVE to tell you where I work, but I am not risking the shit that would follow.


The balance of power- and money- is DESPERATELY misaligned in my organisation. There is a rumour that the chief gets paid more than the Prime Minister. I can’t see how that would work, seeing as in the public sector your eventual boss is David “I’ll cycle to work but pay someone to drive my files for me” Cameron. Why would you be making more than your own boss?


I could really do with moving to another job, but there are possibly more ludicrus stories to follow and besides, what jobs are there out there…?

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