This day in history: Flooding in Queensland, Australia.




Went on an athletics course for PE with the girls (Boys in my group as well). Went on the coach- across the gangway from me, on the opposite seat was HC. She wrote with her finger on the window- HC Woz Ere- it sounded like scripture from the bible. It was a sacred place. I ran ’round the track as fast as I could with her in mind. At the last bend I saw her and ran as fast as I could. I got a crap place and I think I showed myself up.


Got back to the coach with my mate AR. I said “I wish I was sat over there,” and pointed to the window with the scripture on.


Why?” he asked. I couldn’t believe he didn’t know, I mean I was pointing right at the clue.


I’ll give you that as some research work. Lots of people in your form know.”

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