Yesterday AW, DF + DW came to my house for my birthday do. We drank little shandies straight from the bottle (1.1%) + we watched “OUTBREAK”, a film about a contagious disease.


Then we went to bed and we were all masturbating. Then DW got hold of this diary + read it to DF + AW. Then Mum confiscated it. It was 1am before we got to sleep.


Next day, (today, coincidentially) we went to Granada Studios. We went on the ALIENS ride  which was good. You go into this little auditorium and this lady who looks like LH (girl from school) gives you epilepsy warnings then the video comes on and a seargent gives you a debrief. Then we went next door and we sat in the moving chairs. The spaceship lands, the marines get off and shoot loads of aliens. It was wicked! Then we went to UFO Zone which was really scary.


Then we went on the tour, the sound show and the special FX show- that was the best. They blew people’s brains out on it + cut people up.



NOTE: Looking back, I was one of the friends people were embarrased to be friends with. In case you haven’t noticed. The group weren’t thrilled that we were doing the Granada Studios Tour, and they thought the Aliens ride was crap. Watching the video again now, it’s not hard to see why. But I thought the tour was awesome, and I still believe it was today. The hologram ghost – the image of a man standing in the corner of a room on the tour- is probably the most memorable feature. At Granada Studios I also saw Percy Sugden (played by Bill Waddington) from Coronation St and have a blurry picture of him somewhere.


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