Public Sector Revelation No.2

This week we binned hundreds of totally useable lever arch files in a clearout. I rescued a few for personal use, but then lost them somewhere. Officers have sent hundreds of one-minute dictations- very short audio recordings- to the typist. It probably took the officers more time to speak it out and send it by email to the typist than it would have done for them to just type it out themselves. The typing pool are getting very cross that the organisation’s workload is being dumped on them in this way, and understandably so. Oh, and we help the public in a particular way by offering to arrange meetings with them regarding a specific aspect of their lives. It’s ALWAYS Asians who request these meetings. One guy I spoke to today had already phoned with the EXACT same query THREE TIMES last week. and these Asians frequently don’t turn up to said meetings if they are set in place, or they go to the wrong building. And, of course, as so few of them speak English, we have to shell out for translators who need paying whether the individuals turn up or not. It’s time somebody addressed this cultural divide, preferably Nick Clegg, to prove it isn’t just archaic twat-minded tories that are getting fed up with the Asian community not pulling their weight.


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