On this day: funk band Jamiroquai release their third platinum album in a row– Travelling Without Moving.


Brushed my teeth in the bogs at lunch ’cause maybe I can get a snog. I didn’t then, but there’s always a first time. AQ asked SB out for me without asking me first- there wasn’t a very positive response. HC is ignoring me still. Has done since the first day of term. Everyone was singing Fugeela in (lunch room) and I got the words outand this dim spotty cow nicked off with the words so I grassed her up to the cleaning lady and she made her give it back. IW found out about the toothbrush thing and is probably spreading it around school now.


Of course, by “the bogs” I meant the room that houses the boys toilets. And in particular the sink, not the actual… well, you get me. Now… Whatever could make a boy want to brush his teeth in his school lunch break?


I vaguely remember a PSE (Personal and Social Education) class in which we were reminded that we will all be more likely to be kissed if we brushed our teeth. I have always brushed my teeth twice a day, and, at the age of 14, assumed that everyone else did too. Looking back, I suppose the reality is that most do, but some might not, and the advice was for the few remainders. Not for hygenic people to up their brushing count. This is an example of how totally out of touch with reality I was, and possibly still am.

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