Public Sector Revelation No 3

Continuing the office clearout- due to various offices merging rooms to save money- the heads of the organisation have decided to reduce our storage space. Seeing as we deal with the paperwork for most of the organisation, this has become somewhat of a ballache for us. We’re still trying to stuff everything in, but it’s starting to feel like that Mr Bean scene, y’know…



We ran out of confidential wastebins during the move, and there were about TWELVE in the corridor that we filled to the brim. We ended up with boxes of old paperwork stacked up waiting to be binned. Fire hazard. Security risk. Oh, and also, now that the move is complete, we now have one more employee than there are desks. Most of us work part time, for the most part, but for half a day a week someone is going to have to sit in the breakout area with no computer, as far as we’re aware.


Austerity measures are now getting ridiculous.

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