On this day: Demi Moore released this film, which I later bought.


HC, SB and GH (girls) are in my RE group. So is AQ (male friend). When Mr G (teacher) came in he saw the 3 girls and grumbled “Oh look, it’s the three musketeers.” I thought of the phrase “en garde” and let my perverted imagination go wild.


I cracked up as soon as I got into Geography.


Okay: what is amazing here is that I could correctly spell the French phrase “en garde” at 14, when I wasn’t even taking the language at GCSE. “The three musketeers” was to become a nickname for the girls whenever me and AQ where discussing them. Of course, I would NEVER dare tell them that.


Why crack up in a geography class? There were some funny people in that group and some people pulled some LEGENDARY stunts on the totally incompetent geography teacher. Details to follow.

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