On this day: Michael Jackson performs in Sydney.



In Science, GH2, who sits next to HC, said “Catch” to me, and threw something small and white. When I saw it in her hand I thought it was a bit of an old crumbled rubber, but when it was in my hand I found it was chewing gum. I threw it on the floor and said it was disgusting. GH2 said “I’s HC’s,” and I was immediately filled with different thoughts. What would I have done if I knew it was HC’s? Would I still have thrown it on the floor?


Why was GH2 holding it in the first place if was in HC’s mouth before? Has HC’s idea of me changed?


Secondly, again in science, ES, who’s quite nice, walked up to me saying “Hi Batemannnnn…”


I made my eyebrows go up and down as fast as I can, and she cracked up in mid-stride.


This was a gesture saying- “Want a shag? Then keep walking.”

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