Public Sector Revelation No4




Someone in my office has an apparent learning disability. I say apparent, because none of us know what it is- we’ve just picked up that he’s “different” in some way- the intonation in his speech is a little unusual, and he is very, very thin. Worryingly so. He looks like he’s going to have a full-on cardiac every time he picks up a box of printer paper. He also doesn’t have a head for heights, as I noticed when he was up the stepladders retrieving files the other day.


The problems became more evident when he fucked up a load of paperwork recently, meaning the rest of the team had to do it again for him. He’s also apparently claimed to have done work distributing info to some quite important people, only for it to transpire that he hadn’t done it at all. (This is according to the team- I wasn’t around when this happened. Or didn’t, as the case may have been.) Apparently, he works for two departments in the organisation and apparently, he organises his own workload- that is to say, he seems to disappear to this other room in the building for hours at a time, and no-one knows exactly where he is or what he’s doing. The issue really needs breaching. How can we do this, though? Is it our place to discuss it? Should we mention it to a manager? Who should? Having said that, how do we do this when our line manager resigned and wasn’t replaced? (She was rehired in another area of the organisation, ironically.)


Most noticably, said employee turned into work with his shirt tucked into his underwear the other day. And he didn’t alter it all day. Nine to five, he paraded his briefs to the (mostly female) team. His job involved picking up boxes, moving stuff around and putting stuff on high shelves, so it’s hard to miss. Everybody noticed; nobody mentioned it.


So. Instead of pissing and moaning, I’ll take it up a level and find a manager. I’ll mention it myself. If you want something doing…

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