Public Sector Revelation No 5



In the recent office move, I managed to rescue a painting from the old room. It would have joined a lot of other material headed for general waste, probably landfill, had I not claimed it. It’s a sunset scene in deep red colours, with black paint daubed on to display a dying forest. Tree stumps and broken, withered branches adourn the evening scene, with a gap some way up the picture implying a water-break in the land, maybe a river or a lake.


In the corner, it’s signed by a well known painter. And by “well-known”, I mean that people of ALL ages know this artist. This international star has drawn people of all ages to painting and drawing.


When I arrived home with the picture, I looked at a few of this person’s paintings on Google Images. This artist’s work is varied and very dynamic. It could very well be one of theirs, I thought, although I didn’t see this particular painting in any image searches. So how did this painting find it’s way to England, and specifically to some public sector bottom-grade office? And more to the point, is it an original?


I suspected not. On closer inspection, the brush strokes don’t protrude from the canvas in the way that they would. The paint would have been daubed on in the original, particularly in the depictions of foliage. But the painting I have here is very two dimensional, like a print would be. So I had the feeling it wasn’t going to make me any money. The deal-breaker: I pushed the canvas away from the frame to see the edge of the surface. There was a totally straight line where the paint ended and the “canvas” was bare below. So that’s a total giveaway, right?


Still, could be nice to put it up in the apartment- sorry, flat- and see how many guests are fooled by it.


P.s. For further clues of how to spot forgeries, check out this Ebay guide.

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