a 2000AD comic isued on this day. I knew people who read it- never read it myself.



In IT GH2 asked me if I wanted to go out with HC. I said yes, but she’s going to have to ask me herself. So she asked me out. I said I’d think about it, as I was amazingly shocked. 5 mins later, GH2 said, “have you made your mind up yet?”


I told her I’d been messed about lots of times before and I needed convincing well. GH2 counted down from 10 and when she’d finished she said “right, you’ve missed your chance.”


HC, at this time, was right behind me. I turned around and said “Yes.” I sighed. I had finally cracked it. I am now going out with Helen Carey. (I can’t F*CKING believe it!)


Then GH2 said “Well, are you going to invite her to your house now?”


I didn’t completely agree with that, so I said, to GH2, “I think it would be a good idea to start the relationship in school and work our way out.”


HC printed out a picture a bit like this:






She slapped it on the table next to my computer, smiled at me and walked past. I’m going to show it off at school.


So, after a year of being obsessed with this girl, she decides to play an inevitable prank on me. She pretends to go out with me for her own amusement. Despite grilling the pair of girls for half an hour, they protest that the whole thing isn’t a joke. So I succumb. I think you can see where this is going.


And, yes, I used to sensor trhe swear words in my own diary in case my mum found it.


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