This is weird. My diary states 6th December as being a midweek day. I write that I was back in the next day. But this date was a Friday. In ’96 I didn’t have a computer in the room with the date on it. My watch may have been set wrong. I didn’t have a video recorder at this time. So checking  the date was HARD work. Who knows what day this was. Anyway, on the 6th, singer of Pretty Woman Roy Orbison died. A little part of me did too.


Before Science, HC said, “do you want my fone number?”


I said, “I think I’ve already got it.” I took out my hwk (homework) diary on the last few pages and said, is it No.8?”


She looked at it and said: “No, that’s my old one. This is my new one.” She wrote a number on the side of the page. “Ring me up tonight.”




Later in the lesson she said that she was going to GH2’s house and the phone number was GH2’s. I was to ask for GH2 and she would get HC.


I got home and didn’t ring because I knew they wouldn’t be in yet- GH2 lives in Manchester. Mum came home so I couldn’t ring then- I don’t want her to know about it. I went out to the hospital to see Grandad and to get some shopping incl. New school shoes.


I got home and realised HC would have left GH2’s house by that time. I hope to all the gods (including HC) that she doesn’t dump me tomorrow.


So, we have a socially retarded 14-year-old literally idolising a bimbo. She eventually decides to “go out” with him, thus taking him for a mug. He doesn’t phone because he’s busy seeing his dying grandfather in hospital. I wonder what will happen…


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