Getting the Show on the Road


This blog could be big. Really big. Think about it. A total nutter plastering his deranged ideology and morbid activities for the world to see, only… he’s not really as crazy as he thinks he is.


Okay. Patrick Bateman’s Space is not going to revolutionise the world of blogging. But what if it could make a dent? What if I put some solid effort into getting this blog noticed? What if I had something that the people wanted some unique knowledge to divulge?


If I did make a solid push on this blog, it would still take time and effort to get recognition. I’d still have to update regularly and do a lot of promotion, but essentially I’d have to provide something that people really want to read, and provide it ferquently. So what could I offer? What should I write that particularly works with an anonymous blog?


Well, I’ve already got regular diary entries from my teen days, which I think are entertaining albeit not particularly helpful. I’ve also reviewed a couple of lap dancing clubs, sordid details included, which I’m sure lots of testosterone-fuelled young men would find very handy. Updating as frequently as possible- every day, if I can- Should haul in some traffic.


So how do I promote an anonymous blog? With the advent season under way, people’s time will be limited. But that’s no reason to put this off- people will find the time if they like what they see. It just needs to be done in a few inventive ways.


I could get my blog listed in a few places. The Manchizzle would have been a good start, only there’s a problem there. The organiser of the site is also the organiser of the Blog North Awards, an event I recently criticised. So she blocked me on Twitter.


But the Manchizzle itself has a few anonymous blogs mixed in the epic blogroll. So I’d do well to check them out.


My current blog stats are 1507 views. Let’s see if I can get it into 5 figures in a month.


I’d probably do well to shut the fuck up about working in the public sector as well, for my own sake. LET’S GO!

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