Public Sector Revelation No 7

The Triumph of Death, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.


I know I said I wouldn’t keep doing this, but…


So, in the middle of a spree of job cuts, my employer has decided to comission a big fuck-off mural on the wall of the building’s entrance, complete in gold leaf paint. It’s one of a number of these displays scattered around the organisation, costing the taxpayer possibly as much as £21K. Yet at the same time, they are making people redundant- people who HELP people. People who assist families. In the interests of anonymity I’m not going into more depth, but I- like many other employees- am fucking DISGUSTED. I would much rather have a plain wall and be surrounded by marginally happier colleagues and have a slightly higher chance of keeping my job, than to be threatened with the axe and to be sent out of the door with that gaudy monstrosity of “art” overlooking me, mockingly.

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