On this day: A spectacular “shelf cloud” forms over Sydney.


In IT GH2 gave me and AQ a test on my specialist subject- HC.


GH2 asked us: “Where does HC live?”

Me: “She used to live in Royton. She told me she moved house.”

GH2, looking at HC: “One Nil to Bateman! What colour are HC’s eyes?”

Me: “Blue.”

GH2: “Two nil! What colour is HC’s hair?”

Me: “Blonde.”

GH2: “No- brown. She dyed it blonde ages ago.”


My image of HC saying, “Hey, I’m a natural blonde,” in an American accent, were shattered.


Then AQ started answering all the questions and I got thrashed something like 5-4.


GH2 was wrong. HC dyed her hair blonde, therefore it is blonde. What she should have asked was what is HC’s natural hair colour?


Also, at break, GH2 was sat at BH (house name) lockers. She said: “Will you give me a kiss?”


If you stand up,” I said. She was on her way up when she shouted “Fuck off” in my face.


Foiled, the stupid cow.


Yet another example of how my trust in women was eroded at an early age. This has still not toally been rectified. GH2 was one of the most evil females have ever met, but, I really shouldn’t have viewed them all as this huge obstacle in my life. I just wish I’d read a few of the (very chauvinistic) James Bond novels at an earlier age. That would have sharpened me up!


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