In Biology we did a PHYSICAL experiment. The whole class held hands in a circle. The idea was the first person squeezed someone’s hand (the person next to them) and it went round in a circle. It was timed ’cause we were doing about reactions. Therefore, of course, who better to have on both sides of me than SS and ES!


I had the privilage of holding both their hands at the same time!


At lunch I ate on RW (house floor). SS was sat with me, Spud and ES might have been- I can’t remember anything really happening- SS probably called me sexy. No, really she probably did- no joke! She has done a few times.


ES is a prefect. She does the Hous Block. I was walking down the steps when she told me to hold her hand “like I did in science”.


So I did. Twice in one day! Cool!


Spud and RM were walking around school so I made an effort of following them without walking behind them. I tried to walk past them by running from place to place where they couldn’t see me so that I could walk past them.


At this point I drew an arrowed diagram detailing the circular opposing movements of “me” and “the birds”.


I ran when I was out of out of sight from them so I could walk past them again. Spud was well pissed off with it.


No phone numbers involved yet. There’d better be soon!


Looking back, I suppose the girls did kind of like me in a strange way. You don’t pay a lad that much attention if you’re a girl and you don’t fucking like them. She knew I wasn’t boyfriend material and she knew I was very shy, but she wasn’t being a grade-A bitch like HC and GH2 were. Musta just been cute I guess! Shame I messed things up by being a total weirdo from day 1!


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