Number One song on this day…

Received an intimate letter from HC, SS, ES and Spud. They say they want my body and my “enormous dick”. They want to make a foursome on Saturday. This was in Chemistry. I sent one back saying something like-


To HC and GH2

I can tell it was a joke


I wrote some other things but I gave it to them so I don’t know what I put. “I look forward to Saturday” was probably one of the things.


I saw SS feeling DH (Jock)’s body so I don’t know what he’ll think about this.


Hmm. An interesting day. This was hilarious for the girls. HC and GH2 persisited that it wasn’t a joke, then later GH2 laughed at me for falling for it. I wish to this day that I’d cracked her skull wide open. (Kidding! Kidding!)


Looking back, they were clearly whores-in-the-making, although they still had no genuine interest in me. Not to mention, they weren’t as intelligent as I thought- if there were four of them plus me, that would be a five-some. Innumerate sluts! If I’d not been such a weird twat, things may have been different. But, as the saying goes, if my aunt had balls…

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