Fuckup of a day

Drove into town. Parked up. Went to the gym. Wenty to a community centre of sorts. Did four hours of “voluntary work”, part of an attempt to change my career direction (this consisted largely of watching funny youtube videos like this with a younger volunteer:)



I then went to a local college and got a free haircut. Why pay more when you can exploit students, who need people to practice on anyway? It’s not even “exploiting”, is it?! Okay, I say free- it was 50p. But they did a good job. I recommend risking a college wherever you are!


After this I went to the gym, which I do religiously, despite NEVER getting big. I then did the old trick of totally forgetting I’d come in the car, and getting the bus home. By this time, it was PISSING it down. I mean, seriously. I looked like I’d been wading. I got home and found the car keys. Flashback. This is, like, the THIRD time I’ve done this in 2012. So I slammed on some waterproof trousers and got the bus BACK to town, found my car and drove the fuck home and had a well-deserved hot-pot.


This is the problem with being a mentalist- everything can become a problem when you forget one little thing. I don’t normally have the car on Mondays- I share it with someone else- so I didn’t think of it after the errands. And what the FUCK is this weather, man?


But, fuck it, I’m home now.


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