On this day: Bill Cosby’s son Ennis is murdered by a Ukrainian immigrant.






On the bus this morning I wrote a rap/poem for Sarah on a piece of scrap paper. Turn over to see what it said.




To my beloved Sarah


Roses are red

I’m the master of rhyme

I’ve got the balls

so I’ll spare you some time

I appreciate letters,

kisses and smiles

Put your foot on my pedal

and I’ll drive you for miles

To get with you

would be pure bliss

Can you answer the question:

Who is this?


Not bad eh?


I think her form tutor is Mr D2 so I can give it to him through his pigeon hole tomorrow.


On a separate issue, at lunch on B landing a few people like SS, ES etc were there. PH said “She wants to bang you in that toilet.”


He was talking about ES or SS- I can’t remember which.


Cool.” Then I said to her, “Come on.” I walked in the bog and heard loads of laughing outside.




I showed the letter to DW at registration in the morning, but it wasn’t finished then. I showed it to PO, well, he taxed it but I got it back and it wasn’t finished then either!


I had a DT (detention) after school, so on the bus I finished it.


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