ON THIS DAY: The Senate confirms President Clinton’s nomination of Madeleine Albright, making her the first female secretary of state in U.S. history


In Science, SS, HC, (I got a hardon writing that) and ES were in a group for the experiment. I worked with (boy) MK. Through the experiment at some stage, one of the girls called my name and I looked at them and they were grouped together in a kind of pose that said “come and get me you sexy beast!”


I looked at MK and he smirked.


I looked back at the girls, still smiling. I gave them a single flick of the eyebrows and looked away. It was cool.


Later (or earlier, I can’t remember), HC asked me what PH had been saying to me.


Earlier, he walked past me (this was a few days ago) and said:-


You touch HC and you’re dead.”


I told HC, she just raised her head and said “Oh…” quietly.


Outside science before the lesson, someone asked me if I knew HC’s birthday. HC was nearby.


Twentysecond of the twelth, nineteen eighty one.”


I’m sure she heard, I don’t remember much of a response.


I’m doing volleyball in PE- so is HC and ES. It’s really cool. GH is as well and a few other nice girls that formed their own team. We played them and got thrashed because I wanted to perv over them while they were playing and I couldn’t be playing and perving at the same time.


I’ve got the words to a Nirvana song because it was on NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS.


In retrospect, HC was obviously fed up of me perving at her, and got her boyfriend to scare me off. It may have worked as, as you’ll see, I moved on to pestering the everfuck out of SS instead. What I did will drop your jaw. Oh, and it was “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. I’ve had a look on Youtube for the video of the Buzzcocks episode: no joy. Phil Jupitus’ interpretation of the lyrics were as goes:


When the line-up misses Davis

Here we are now in a day nurse

I fit two pigs in containers

Here we are now in a day nurse

Harlow, Harlow, Harlow, Harlow


Jupitus suggested it was a tribute to Harlow in Essex.



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