Dirtbag apprentice



Hayley threw me out of her Facebook friends a while ago, so I figured, what the hell. I might just exploit her image, and some of her friends’ images, seeing as I have the opportunity. Erotica with pictures, anyone? I tried splitting the pics up into the body of the text, but typically, Posterous is wanking me about. So here’s the pics. Ridiculous story below.



I’m going to make them do things.


That’s what employers do to their staff. Everybody gets exploited, one way or another. That’s how I see it. They all want a job, and when their qualifications and experience are so similar, you really have to go “off-topic” to figure out who wants the job the most. And besides, who are they going to go to? They’ve already lied to me. These girls think that they can get away with this behaviour… but they can’t.


That’s why I’ve got a whole wardrobe of women’s clothes in my office. There’s no need for sticky labels, spare staplers or any other shit like that. It only looks like a stationary cupboard. That’s also why I’ve lined up three chairs, close to each other, facing my desk. I buzz the receptionist to let them in.


This is what the economy has come to. Jobs are now so few and far between, that anyone competing for such positions must be prepared to go the extra mile.


The three girls step in, heels clacking on the lino, their pencil skirts shortening their strides. They look ideal. I offer a handshake to each of them and they sit down, straightening their skirts and blouses. They don’t need to titivate like that, but they think I don’t realise they’re doing it to catch my eye. Their hips are already touching due to the chairs’ proximity.


Thank you for coming today,” I say, “and for persisting with the application process. This is a very sought-after role and you’ve done great to make it this far. So…” I point to each one, checking I’ve got them right. “Hayley? Jackie? And Sarah. Brilliant. I’m Patrick. I think the thing that has put you in such good stead is that you all have such great telephone manners.”


They blush, smiling.


Not just during the phone interview but… on your references, as well.”


Hayley looks down, nervous. Jackie gulps. Sarah starts to turn to her two friends.


Did you not think I’d notice you’ve all put each other’s phone numbers down as your referees?”


That was-” Jackie starts to speak, but Sarah overlaps.


Oh, we didn’t think it would be as, ERM, obvious as it was but, because-”


Hayley chirps up. “Because none of our employers really know us, y’know, personally or anything, we couldn’t really… put them down.”


There’s a silent pause. Jackie puts her head down, resting it on a thumb and forefinger. “I told you that was a bad idea,” she mumbles.


I take a deep breath and let it out. An optimistic air comes over me and I think about how to play this. “You do realise that giving false references is a criminal offence, don’t you?”


I didn’t think it would be that big a, y’know, deal,” says Hayley. “But it doesn’t matter,” she says, sighing, leaning forward. “I can keep looking-”


Where?” I cut her off. “Come on, Hayley.” I take a sip of Evian. “You know as well as I do- you all do- that there are no fucking jobs out there. You’re lucky there’s this one. I’m not saying you haven’t got it.”


She sits back, confused.


I’ll cut the mustard with you, girls. There were a thousand applicants for this job. No exaggeration. After the under-qualified were whittled out, the only thing to differentiate between was looks.”


You become accustomed to a certain look of horror on people’s faces when the penny drops and they realise they’re being exploited. It’s uncomfortable to witness at first, but eventually that uneasiness gives way to arousal. Having power over someone can be a turn-on for both parties, though.


I really want to give the job to one of you, girls,” I say. “I could give the job to someone else who’s equally capable but just- well, sluttier.”


Their collective disgust is giving me serious blood now- more so when they glance to each other reluctantly and a feeling of resignation passes between them. Jackie, sat between the two, half-shrugs and puts a finger under Hayley’s chin, turning her face toward her, and kisses her, glancing at me.


Just like Saturday night,” she mumbles, and smiles at me. They kiss again, slowly.


Sarah’s jealousy is showing as Jackie and Hayley hold each other, becoming more passionate. It’s not a sexual envy, though- not yet at least- just a feeling that this much-sought-after job is slipping between her fingers. So Sarah leans in, her cleavage against Jackie’s back, and reaches out, stroking Hayley’s breast through her blouse.


Is this good?” Sarah asks. “Do you like it?”


It’s a start,” I say, prompting Jackie to break her kiss with Hayley and turn to Sarah, tongue out, and Sarah sucks it enthusiastically.


Jackie, who seems to be leading the other two, is obviously a genuine bi girl, whereas her friends are straight. They’ll have kissed each other on nights out, sure, but just like I’m starting to get my own way, I have the feeling she is too. She stands and turns, spreading her legs, leaning on the back of the chair with one hand.


Lift my skirt up,” she orders them quietly. Hesitantly, glancing to each other, Hayley and Sarah pinch the fabric and lift it higher than her stockings. “Kiss. Kiss my thighs.”


They kneel and put their lips on her bare flesh, caressing her, eyes closed. Jackie’s breathing is heavy now, and her hand finds her crotch without her consciously realising. She rubs herself as they kiss her, seemingly oblivious. Hayley and Sarah are moaning, competing.


Oh, God.” Jackie turns, still jacking her clit, knickers pulled to one side, her voice guttural. “Put your faces together,” she orders. Her voice is strained, like she’s lifting a heavy box.


Hayley and Sarah put an arm around each other, then shift around an angle so that I can see. They kiss just as Jackie screams, guttural, unleashing a jet of water into their faces, dislodging a fake eyelash and leaving estuaries of mascara on the cheeks of the girls. Jackie’s knees buckle under the ecstasy and she falls into the girls in a heap of touching and kissing.


Jackie turns to me. “Well?” she asks, smiling.


We’re not done yet,” I say. “A little assessment scenario. Have a look in the cloakroom,” I say. It occurs to me that no-one has been in there since the Christmas party, but it’s still worth a shot. “Think about how the best applicants might try to impress the employer. Be creative, girls.”


They disappear into the small room, murmuring and giggling. After a few minutes they are hushed. The door opens. A thigh steps around. Jackie emerges in school uniform, holding Hayley’s hand. The three girls walk out like a daisy chain in tiny pleated skirts and tops- not matching, some sluttier than others, all school-themed. The uniforms are clean and ironed, contrasting against the girls’ faces, now marred with saliva and vaginal fluid which has smeared their lipstick and make-up.


What do you want us to do?” asks Hayley, and bends forward. Jackie casually runs a finger up Hayley’s skirt, lifting the fabric higher. Hayley grips Jackie’s hips and steps into her, caressing.


Under my instruction, Hayley kneels on the couch with a girl on each side of her. They remove her hat and tight tank top. They unbutton her blouse and unhook her innocent white bra. Lifting it up to Hayley’s neck, they both caress her huge tits, so soft and natural. Jackie and Sarah moan as they suck Hayley’s firm, pink nipples.


Give me a job, you bastard,” whispers Hayley, her eyes half-closed.


Maybe,” I say, and walk over to her, unbuttoning my trousers.


Jackie licks a path between Hayley’s boobs then reaches out and puts my cock between them both. “Push,” orders Jackie, and Sarah and her close Hayley’s tits around my cock. Hayley lets her head loll back as the other two spit into the crevice of her tits, letting my dick slide in easier. They take turns kissing Hayley as I fuck her cleavage. After a moment or two I have to stop and stare out of the window to the bleak cityscape- the girls’ home- to stop myself from coming. When I look back, Sarah is kissing Hayley, tongues intertwined, as Jackie pops open the buttons on her blouse, tie still dangling aroung her neck. Hayley breaks off the kiss and reaches out to Jackie, stroking her, glancing to me for my encouraging reaction.


I order them to dance together slowly and undress each other, reminding them that they’re being graded all the time. I make sure they only take off their blouses and underwear so they stay in schoolgirl theme. Skirts and ties stay on throughout this ordeal- this moral testing- a testament to the severity of Britain’s job market.


After years of corporate raiding, I now use the mentality this gave me to erode and reform the intentions of beautiful women. My power has corrupted me, as has the girls’ dire financial situation. And there is no going back from this. I tell myself I couldn’t do this any other way. I can see that- although Jackie has genuinely orgasmed today- the girls’ enthusiasm is feigned through the need for money. And if I don’t exploit them, someone else will.


Hmm,” I mumble, stoking my chin. “Who shall I fuck first…”


Oh please,” says Sarah, instantly lifting her skirt and moving her knickers to one side. “Please fuck me, Patrick.” She strokes her own clit. The girls step into her, ready to take the attention away from the quietest girl of the three, but it’s too late.


Fine,” I say, remembering something. “But let’s have you all in Mrs Santa outfits first.”


It’s July,” says Jackie.


I don’t give a fuck, put them on!” I’m dabbing my brow and guzzling more Evian now, popping another flax seed oil pill, a remedy for emotional instability, which I am convinced is nothing more than a placebo. I’ve had a hardon for so long now that I’m starting to go dizzy. Within moments Hayley steps out in a red Christmas outfit with white fluffy trimmings, tight around the cleavage. The girls, all in Christmas theme, are giggling now, desparate for attention and “accidentally” touching each other frequently.


I make Sarah ride me first, in her little snow-woman outfit, pulling her top down, letting the girls kiss and touch her. As she’s bouncing so hard on me, their attempts to suck her nipples are futile, but I love their enthusiasm. I give her a matter of seconds before I can feel the vinagar strokes again, and I pull her off me. Jackie pushes Hayley out of the way and climbs on, and my dick slides in easily having been lubricated by Sarah’s juices. The girls put their lips on Jackie for a few seconds, and she loves it. A strap falls off one shoulder as she reaches back, straightening my legs out. With me still inside her, she turns her hips, edges her leg back and swivels 180 degrees. Hayley lifts the hem of Jackie’s outfit. I continue fucking her, slapping her arse as the girls make encouraging, feminine remarks.


I’ve left Hayley ’til last as I have planned all along how I want this to end. Again, instructing the girls step-by-step, I let Hayley climb onto me and she rides me hard, her huge tits bouncing, falling straight out of the Mrs Santa top. Jackie and Sarah try to hold her boobs, crudely attempting to suck her nipples. I’m rocking her so hard that the girls cant latch their lips onto her full, tender breasts. Instead, they leave trails of saliva from each tit, looping to their mouths, lipstick more smeared than ever.


I can feel my orgasm coming on twice as hard after I delayed it a few moments ago, and I’m playing chicken trying to get closer to the moment while still letting Hayley ride me. I tell her to get off me as my nuts tighten, and the three of them kneel on the floor together, looking up at me, arms around each other. I notice I’m stroking myself with my suit trousers around my ankles. Their tops are now around their waists, damp with sweat and juices, the fluffy white trimmings just below their natural breasts.


Oh, God,” I mumble, trying not to look at them so I can delay the orgasm for a few more seconds. “Whoever gets my come-” my voice is starting to crack through arousal- “gets the job, oh, fuck…”


The girls make the tiniest of jolts, realising in synchronym that this is the moment they have to outshine each other.


Oh, please give me the job,” says Sarah, glancing briefly to the other girls, before the two of them overlap with flirtatious begging. The girls beg for employment until Jackie, still leading the group, guesses that begging for my come would be more advantageous, more arousing to me. She’s right, but as she’s already stroking Hayley’s breasts again it’s Hayley I last see before my vision closes and my orgasm rips out of me.


A second later I find myself on my knees, now eye-level with the girls, wiping a tear from my eye. Jackie and Sarah are now licking the come off Hayley’s plump, innocent breasts, Jackie smiling at me, deceitful.


What are you going to do now?” Jackie asks, rhetorically. “We’ve all got the come.”


Yeah,” says Sarah, mouth wide, showing her creamy prize, speaking with a few missing consonants. “Are you going to hire us all?”


I start to chuckle to myself, something that happens to many after an orgasm, only this time there’s another cause- a revelation I’ve yet to drop on them. I stumble back to my desk and sit in the leather chair, yanking my trousers back up in the process. I glug the Evian desperately and sag in my seat. Then I snap.


There is no fucking job!” I yell. They flinch, more at my outburst than the fact that they’ve been duped and used as whores. “Now get the FUCK out of my office, or I’ll blacklist the three of you.”


Appalled, degraded and utterly broken, the three girls gather their belongings quickly. They don’t look at each other, or at me.


You ever mention this to ANYONE, and I’ll report you for giving false references. You’ll never work in this industry again.” I thumb through their CVs infront of them to make a point.


They leave into the night, and another darkness engulfs me- one of disgust, self loathing and exaustion. The authorities could be approaching me within days- hours, even- and it occurs to me that the four of us- me and them- colluded in destroying and degrading ourselves. None of us had to do what we did, but we all did it regardless. It just took one individual to push the boat out, to ask for what they wanted. Slumped in my seat, I realise that there is no going back from this point for any of us, and that- for better or worse- the events of this evening have carved us. We have warped our relationships to one another and misshapen our psyches indefinitely, right here in this cold, corporate prison.

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