Well… I tried.

I set myself a monthly challenge a month ago- to get this blog as recognised as possible. I wanted to upload as many blog posts and get as many people to read them as I could. 


I went from 1507 to 1820 views. That is fucking abysmal, considering I was purposefully trying to get a sizeable audience. But… considering I’ve been running this fucking thing for a year, the last month’s blogging has been a little more successful in comparison to the others.


I had a look at the blogs on The Manchizzle, a directory / blog covering blogs and blogging in Greater Manchester. I was looking for anonymous, interesting and provocative blogs. I found that most of the blogs had the author’s names on, and that the few that didn’t just weren’t that interesting to me personally. Manchizzle author Kate Feld has been looking for new blogs, but instead of adding mine, she blocked my Twitter account. Okaaaay.


I looked for other places to link up to, and found a few cool anonymous stripper blogs. Find them on the right. I’ve left a few comments / backlinks where I can, this being something guaranteed to get a trickle of pageviews over the next few months.


I’ve been uploading posts as often as possible. The diary entries were an idea I had after digging up my old books from under my bed when I moved out of my folks’. I’ve had so little feedback on my blog that I’ve no idea how well it’s actually being received, so whether anyone likes these post, I dunno. The Belfast post seems to have been hit on the most in the last month, appropriately so as it’s one of the most mental. Maybe I should stick with this kind of crazy-excursion-based blogging. I’ll need to go on a few more crazy excursions, then!


To bolster more hits, I took to Twitter in search of promotion. I got a few retweets off pornstars, something effective in getting a sudden splurge of hits. Thanks, then, goes to these awesome individuals. You should go follow their asses!


Angela Salvagno (3K)

Tracey Sweet (7K)

Ainsley Addison (8K)

Nikita Bellucci (9K)

Moxxie Maddron (24K)

Georgia Peach (31K)

Mika Tan (60K)

Charlee Chase (97K)

Amy Brooke (98K)


Aside from these lovely ladies, I made a few new connections- some good, some bad.


The bad:


Pornstar Shay Hendrix refused to RT the blog. ‘Nah. Soz,’ she said. I asked why. ‘Just can’t be arsed. Also anyone who says “I’m totally insane” would usually be guaranteed to get on my nerves.’ This was a fair point, as my Twitter description did say this. I tweaked it to something a little less zany / intimidating / misleading. Why she would spend the time writing this I don’t know, when hitting the retweet button would have been far easier.


The good:


I got a tweet from reggae superstar Diana King! You may remember “Shy Guy” from 1995.



One of her followers asked what “Hakuna Matata” meant. This strange individual who had apparently never seen Disney’s The Lion King, so I jumped in, explaining that “it means no worries for the rest of your days.”


OH, U BEAT ME TO IT PAT”, she tweeted. “lol THNX”


Rubbing digital shoulders with 90s music legends! Minted!


Also, Milf pornstar Janet Mason suggested she may be touring the UK soon. “That’s in my future plans!” She revealed. She is HOT AS FUCK. Google her videos. You’ll see what I mean.


So, It’s a start. It’s difficult to promote a blog when you’re always treating it as a “little sister project” to your self-named blog. Running two blogs is like spinning plates- you’ve got to keep them both going, to some degree, if you want continuous hits. And I’ve been running my other for a much longer time, so Patrick Bateman’s Space occasionally had to take a back seat thoughout the month.


Another difficulty to focussing on an anonymous blog: when you meet your mates at the weekend, you don’t have as much to tell them because you won’t have DONE anthing else. You can tell them you’ve been writing for your self-named blog if you have one, and that you’ve just not put stuff up yet, or blag it and say you’ve been busy, but if you spend too much time writing for an anonymous blog, people will begin to ask questions. You’ll start to act like a recluse. Also, if you’re trying to make a name for yourself as a writer with your REAL name, you’re not going to have the time if you’re acting under a secret nom-de-plume. Everything into proportion, I suppose.


It just goes to show how fucking hard it is to break into the blogosphere these days. I think in order to get hits, you really have to offer up something that people want to read- something that genuinely entertains or assists people. Lap dancing reviews it is, then!


Well, I have loads more ideas for blog posts so stay tuned. Hopefully it’ll be something that you’ll find helpful. Something that you’ll retweet so much that I’ll be featured in Mashable, resulting in a worldwide effort to unmask me and #whoispatrickbateman trending all over Twitter. Make it happen!

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