Public Sector Revelation No.13



In Public Sector Revelation No.4 I mentioned a guy in my office who was, to be non-pc, “a bit special.”


Well, before Christmas we got an email saying he was leaving us, and he was using up his leave between now and then. So basically, he left without saying a word of goodbye.


Word is, he didn’t leave. He was sacked. And he was sacked because he repeatedly fucked up his work, and then tried to blame the mistakes on a team member. He was offered help, as we all knew there was some underlying condition, but he never told us what it was and never accepted the assistance! What a TOOL. Here’s the deal with disabilities. Disabled people now have more rights protecting them than ever before. It’s still a shitty state of affairs (I know as I have a range of mental problems) but, today, if you disclose a disability at the interview stage you might get cut out of the recruitment process or you might not. Once you’ve got the job, you definitely should disclose. Otherwise, you’ll end up being shown the door like he was. And like I have been, numerous times in the past.

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