Public Sector Revelation No. 14

We’re being blackmailed. This woman wants us to do something for her kid, something we’ve already told her we won’t do. We’ve had the discussion with her and we’ve treated her fairly. We wrote to her to say, sorry, but we can’t do that.


We have to let a few people down in the public sector- there is only so much time and resources to go around a whole borough. So we let her know this. Unfortunately, a letter to some other mother- saying a similar thing about another kid- got stuffed into the same envelope as hers. This is a pretty big data protection breach, as you might imagine, and said mother knew this. She is now blackmailing us to prioritise her kid, or she’ll go to the press. Fuck’s sake.


Of course, there are no prizes for guessing which idiot accidentally stuffed two different letters into the same envelope…


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