Back in the Game?



Hmm. Went on a date the other day to a trendy bar in Manchester. I met her on Facebook after she saw some stupid Youtube video I made. I was making a dick out of myself, and for some reason this attracted her. So yeah, we went out, had a nice chat and whatever. The bar was decent but there was no spark between the two of us. I just wasn’t into her and she wasn’t into me after all.


I think one of the reasons I wasn’t that bothered is that she’s Asian, and a muslim. That sounds pretty narrow-minded, I know, but I think people the world over tend to be attracted to a particular type. They tend to go for what they are used to and what feels familiar to them- hence why some people go from one long-term relationship to another, and why some girls go with wife-beater after wife-beater.


However, I got the date. It was a first in ages. Now to get another. Women come in fits and spurts, and there’s been a horrendous drought of late. This drought may become a deluge if I play my cards right, as I’ve been in convo with a number of girls over Facebook. I’ve just got to keep being a cheeky, narcissistic twat and all will come together.

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