I’m on WordPress, Biatches!



Due to Posterous being obliterated by advancing technology (or the acquisition by Twitter, one and the same) I was advised to move this blog to the complex minefield and popular blogging platform that is WordPress. And here I am.


It was fucking complicated, but I followed Marco Saric‘s guide and managed to get all my blog posts- text and pictures and videos included- transferred straight across. Winner.


So. Now it is time to start this blog up after a month-long hiatus. But where to start? There have been no head-shaking revelations in work to speak of, I’ve not been on a date since the last time I blogged about such things, and I’ve not been for any lap dances either. Life has been peaceful but dull. Everyone’s getting married and having babies and buying into social-life-crushing mortgages and the ilk. For fuck’s sake. But…


I’ve been busy sorting my life out, cooking meals that I never thought I’d grasp, clinging onto a public sector job (moving positions twice) and keeping on top of crumbling and shifting social circles. People are still saving up, falling out and staying in just as much as they were a month ago, but I’m still in touch with the best of these. They just hardly go out at all. When you start to hit your thirties, though, that’s pretty normal…


Not to mention, it hasn’t stopped fucking snowing since November! It’s April Fool’s day next week, and it seems only Mother Nature is in the mood for practical jokes. Ridiculous.


I do have one pretty mental story to tell you though. Stay tuned.

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