What happened to the Secret Door?


I needed an excuse to drive. The car, which I borrow off my mum every weekend, hadn’t been used much and the engine had started to seize up. Mum’s advice- take the car out for a drive for half an hour or so, to keep the engine ticking over.

That was an excuse, if ever there was one, to go to Fantasy Bar. I’ve been craving to go back there since October, when I got an AWESOME dance off two girls.

So last time, 60 quid got me 2 gorgeous girls lezzing off for me, pretty much. I didn’t have the money for the Secret Door, so left without even buying a drink, let alone a dance off the stunning bunny girls in the second room.

Tonight, that’s what I wanted. I rolled into the first room. The girls weren’t as stunning this time, and the bar was terribly quiet. I turned down a girl who wasn’t my type. I felt a sense of guilt in that she’d spent so long chatting me up, and I knew straight away she wasn’t for me. I found out the Secret Door was only for private events these days, and not open when not booked. So no bunny girls were on the cards.

Eastern European Girl approached me next. She wasn’t incredible but she’d more than do. I asked her for a 2 girl dance. The price had gone up to fucking 80, but I thought, fuck it, I’ve come this far. The other girl: again, pretty fit but not stunning. Great tits though, that being why I chose her.

It was a pretty good dance, with some touching between the girls, but crucially there was no boob-sucking or kissing between them. I dared them to kiss but they weren’t allowed.

So. More money for less action. Oh dear.

Where can I go for this? Am I going to have to throw the towel in and hit Sandy’s?! Do it properly?

One thought on “What happened to the Secret Door?

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