Dionne Daniels and Mica Martinez are INCREDIBLE

There was once a softcore video so electrifying that none of its hardcore contemporaries could match up to it. It was beautiful. And, I’m proud to say, it was British. It starred two of Britain’s finest young women:

Dionne Daniels


Mica Martinez


They’re basically by a pool lathering each other in baby oil. It seems to have been taken down from the whole of the internet after a fellow called “Proper English Gentleman” had his whole blog- basically a collection of naughty videos- annihilated by a copyright claim, presumably by Elite TV, who produced them.

Hence, I hereby ask Elite, now operating as Studio 66, to upload the videos themselves. Either that, or could we ask Ms Daniels and Ms Martinez to work together again? And for that footage to find its way here?

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