Pulling at Prohibition


Prohibition Manchester is a choice venue for house music enthusiasts. I love the music and the women are stunning. I was dancing with a hot dark-haired girl until she disappeared into the night inexplicably. Fuck knows if I scared her off or just missed my cue. Either way, she told me her name but I couldn’t find her on Facebook. (I couldn’t have added her anyway, as I’d been sending out too many add requests to random hot Manchester girls- adds that had been turned down.)

 So. Almost met my future wife, but fucked it up as always. Then I pulled a 44-year-old with big tits, who molested me after I dragged her into the corner of the bar. She was STEAMING. I managed to get her number, but she left to hit Panacea, somewhere my friends wouldn’t have paid to get into. My plan was to phone her, but the next morning something on Facebook made me change my mind. I found the album. I saw the woman I’d pulled. She was NOT as fit as I’d thought that night. I saw the woman I almost pulled. She was beautiful.

 I’m gonna try my goddamndest to get back there next Saturday, and see if Future Wife is there. Or, not get such terrible oneitis, not get so emotional and actually nail someone for a change.

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