Public Sector Revelation No. 15


It’s all change here at the Ministry of Truth. I’ve been working on a reception desk with a gaggle of women. Most of them are settled and unavailable, yet one is openly not- despite the boyfriend and son. She’s in her early twenties and she’s far from shy.

She’s also pretty fit.

We got talking about the heads of the organisation. The Girl mentioned an office excursion- a kind-of business trip in which she went to an event with one of these bigwigs.

The Girl and this Bigwig, they went out and got drunk after the event. Now, she’s been with the organisation since she left school, so she could have been very young when this happened. After a substantial amount of alcohol, they went back to their adjacent hotel rooms. Of course, she ended up in his room, she says, and they started kissing.

Instead of having sex, however, Bigwig was content to drunkenly pull out his cock and tug one off over her. She stood up and walked out.

Whether Bigwig has a woman of his own, I can’t recall even asking. It’s become a bit of a Candyman-style urban myth at our place. Minus the exposed rib bones and bee-infested rotting flesh.

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