Public Sector Revelation No. 16



You know what I had to tolerate this week? Some immigrant who couldn’t speak English, coming into the reception of my workplace using their language, expecting me and my colleagues to understand what she was saying. She got pissed off when none of us had a clue what she was jabbering on about. It was infuriating, to say the least, but what followed this was plain weird.


A deaf guy and his signer interjected. Neither spoke this woman’s language. But somehow, the deaf guy figured out what it was she wanted, and possibly which member of staff she’d need.


It’s incredible that people who have used sign language for possibly their whole lives can pick up on subtle nuances that we give off when we’re trying to say something. Well, they say only 7% of communication is verbal. If you’re deaf and you can’t speak to communicate, I suppose you’d develop an expertise in gestures and their meanings.


This is all well and good, but it must be pointed out that if you can’t speak English, don’t come to this country expecting US to understand YOU. Britain has a 1000-year tradition of conquering lands and teaching them English. They only taught me French and German in school, and none of us became fluent in those languages. We didn’t need to either, as most of Europe speaks pretty good English. Unfortunately, Asia doesn’t. So why the GOOD FUCK would you come to this country if you can’t speak the language? And how FUCKING AUDACIOUS is it to get pissed off when WE can’t understand YOU?


Of course, the problem is not that the individual decided to Emigrate. It’s the UK’s SHIT lax immigration laws, mostly put in place by Labour, that have allowed hundreds of thousands of unskilled, non-fluent-English migrants to flood our shores. However, the Tories took over in 2009 and we’re STILL dealing with people who can’t speak the language!


Come on, Mr. Cameron. You’re supposed to be good at this. Do your job and stamp down on this. A full Examination on entry to the country would be a good idea. No clean bill of health? Get out. Not fluent to a proficient standard? Goodbye. No saleable skill? Shed’s that way. We don’t all have translators- or deaf people- on hand to fill in the gaps.

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