Mate Date

pizza remnants

I invited a girl I know- a sister of a mate of mine- around to my house today. I actually know her better than I know her brother I think. She’s pretty fit, but we’ve always just been mates. It’s not often that I’m mates with someone who I’d nail, but with this girl- let’s call her SB- I think I would.


I’ve known this girl for a few years now. Nothing’s ever happened, but when I saw her reactivate her Facebook account after a few years of being off it, I decided to throw a bid in.

We caught up in a phone call after this, and I told her I’d basically sorted my life out and got my head bove water. I’d got my flat up and running, I was doing okay money-wise, and I’d learned to cook. This led to me offering to cook something for her. Come ’round for your tea, I said.

So tonight SB popped ’round and I’d made pizza margherita from basic ingredients- cherry toms and mozzarella shavings with a side order of salad and Schloer.

Either I’m a shit chef, or she’s got some problems- she didn’t eat much of it. She’d just split up with a controlling arsehole boyfriend after nearly 12 months. Her confidence was low, she said, like her appitite.

We talked. We caught up. And that was it. No kiss. It was all very matey and platonic. Part of me’s thinking maybe there was something I was supposed to do. Part of me’s thinking, do I even fancy her at all any more? Did she ever fancy me? Does she now? Has the moment passed? A mutual friend once noticed that there was “something going on”, but he admitted he felt “that boat had sailed a long time ago.”

She wants a group night out in Manchester soon, so maybe I’ll make that happen… and who knows which way it might swing…

Oh, and by the way, Australasia Girl is still doing her exams. Kinda lost touch. Who didn’t see that coming. The girls in Prohibition are still ice cold, and I’m not doing anything to meet girls away from the clubbing scene. Same techniques, same results. Still, I have Ibiza in September so maybe I shouldn’t be getting tied down…

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