She was Lying on the Office Floor, Looking at Me



I’ve been helping out in someone else’s office, doing mind-numbing paperwork. Wait, don’t click off. This gets weird.


The other day I went out on lunch. When I came back to the tiny, three-desk room, the 40-year-old woman was I was working with was flat-out on the floor. I mean flat, like a rod. On her back, legs straight, arms at her side. Her head was at the door end, and when I walked in, she looked up at me. She started giggling.


I thought you had an hour for lunch,” she said.


No,” I said, bemused. “Thirty minutes.”


She started climbing up off the floor. “I suffer from dizzy spells,” she explained. “I need to lie down for a few minutes every day.”


Oh right.”


That’s it. Nothing sexy/sleazy to read, I’m afraid.


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