Suing People




There’s a distinct possibility that I could be taking some people to court soon. People who, putting it vaguely, made me a bit mental. People who wasted my time, my money and made a lot of my problems a whole lot worse instead of better- that being why I went to them in the first place.


I realise that this doesn’t make a great deal of sense without the gaps being filled in, but I felt it necessary to mention it here regardless: I could have a difficult time ahead with the legal system. Whether it’s possible that I could get money out of these people I have no idea, so I’m without a doubt going for no-win-no-fee lawyers. Their commission rates may be high, but I’m in no position to pay legal fees. Or if I am- if I’m entitled to financial support, like legal aid- I don’t know anything about it as it stands.


Before I go charging into the legal world like a belligerent ponce in expectation that he will get the favour that he believes the world owes him, I think it would be ideal for me to plan exactly what I want. I will also need to collate evidence to back up my case, including countless psych assessments, notes from meetings with numerous NHS representatives, evidence of debt accrued through an endeavour that proved totally pointless as I was wrongly diagnosed during this time and hardly ever supported- all of this will not only need putting in order but will need surmising in spreadsheet form.


A couple of months ago I started a table on OpenOffice Word, a list of dates and events. Then the file inexplicably became corrupted, and my Dad- IT wizard that he is- was away (again). Eventually I tracked him down and after a couple of hours fiddling around, he managed to retrieve the text from the Word file. It was all out of synch and needed reformatting, but every word I’d typed was still there.


So. My task now is to follow the steps.


Step 1

Make the Word doc easily readable- a big cut+paste job is nigh- and finish off the table by trawling through countless diaries, notebooks, letters and reports and filling in the gaps with the info I find.


Step 2

Pass this on to my parents. They will fill in what they want to add.


Step 3

Go to some advisors- people who work with mentalists like myself. Let’s call their unit Dawheya. Parents and myself will meet with them. Then we’ll look at who to sue first.


Step 4

Pick a solicitor. I’m prepared to go for no-win-no-fee because one of the people I’m suing put me in debt already. I don’t want to get into more debt, should I be unsuccessful, but also I don’t want to come across to the judge as someone who hasn’t learned his lesson from uni. (“Oh, here, take my money and let’s hope it all works out.”) The down-side to this is that the fee they will take- should I win the case- could be as high as 50%. It’s shit, but I’m doing it to teach people a lesson as well as to get that money back.


After this point, the plan’s a little blurry. Some potential defendants may escape a summons due to time passed and other legal issues. I’m not a lawyer myself, but I know that some people I can sue and others I can’t. By the time I get to step 4, I’ll have a much clearer idea of what to do, and who knows what rabbit Dawheya are going to pull out of the hat.


This whole process is going to take months. My plan, for the next month, is to get this spreadsheet knocked into shape. I’ll blog again in a month’s time and hopefully it’ll be ready.


Have you ever sued anyone? How did you start out the process? I’m particularly interested if your story involves NHS / education establishments.


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