Suing People- Deadline


Over a month ago I mentioned I might be taking a couple of organisations to court.

I still plan to do this. I have grounds, and I stand to make a pretty fucking decent sum- I expect. BUT… I need the evidence in order. What I have done over the last months is to trawl through a pile of diaries and notebooks looking for evidence of meetings with NHS people, advisers from the government- the Job centre, citizen’s advice, other support organisations that help people with the kind of mental issues I have- and detail all of this. The table of events I’ve put together is STUPIDLY long. I’ve since passed it onto my Dad… and I’ve let it slide.

I need to get back onto him about this, as my Dad knows all the shit that I don’t, and I don’t know what to do next exactly BECAUSE of this ridiculous condition I have. The amount of aggro I’ve dealt with due to not being able to do things for myself is MASSIVELY depressing- that being a part of the problem and that being WHY I’m intent on suing the SHIT out of people who COULD have helped me but DIDN’T. And there are a number of people who fit that bill.

But now is not the time to dive into the legal world, guns blazing. I’ve got a holiday coming up. Once this is out-of-the-way, I’ll talk to the parentage and I’ll use this ridiculously long table of info to strike.

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