I’m Fucked Off with Someone in Work.







An ageing bloke who- until today- I had respect for.




We started off talking about a street In Greater Manchester- a bar strip on which you can always find two dickheads kicking off. We were in agreement that people who go to this particular place are losers. This conversation somehow swerved into “cage fighting”, or Mixed Martial Arts as it’s properly called. His decrepit and clearly demented mind ad formed a bizarre neural connection between the two types of fighting, and his suggestion was that people fought on the street because they’d learned it in the “cage fighting gyms.”




Then I dropped it on his ass that I spent three years studying and training in Mixed Martial Arts and that it was one of the best things I ever did. I also included that I spent a previous seven years training in Muay Thai. Suffice to say, it shut him up.




He’s already caused shit by spraying someone’s plant with soapy water to keep flies off it (guess what happened? Yup. RIP plant).




Thankfully, I might be moving desks in the near future. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it until today, as I do work with a decent bunch. But now, working in practical solitary confinement might not be so painful after all…




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