Sexy Saturday: Chloe and Hayley



One of the things you may have noticed through reading this blog is that I am a MASSIVE perv. I am badly obsessed with girl-on-girl action and, in fact, it’s usually the only thing I wank over. So when I find a fit girl on Facebook like Chloe (dark hair), I’ll instantly raid her pictures and look for tags to other girls, her friends, to see what their pictures offer. If they’re photographed together, it won’t be long before I’m imagining them kissing, touching, showing off. Pushing their huge, natural breasts against each other, begging for attention. Watching them suck each other’s breasts eagerly, encouraging me to titfuck them, daring each other to ride me so they can play with each other’s breats while I’m inside them, and then, of course, getting them to kneel infront of me, cheek to cheek, breasts cupped, pleading for cum before I douse the pair of them and they lick it off each other.




Yes, porn has warped my brain. But now you’re thinking it too.



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