NaBloPoMo is a thing? Okay then.




Apparently November is National Blog Posting Month. WordPress are validating this month-long challenge, and as I’m writing this on their platform, I’ll take their word for it. The concept: spend one month blog-posting every day. 30 posts.


Having moved this blog over from Posterous when Twitter bought out and shut down the platform, I’ve done a certain amount of promo to get page views trickling in. I’ve largely been unsuccessful, though- most of my writing time is taken up by my eponymous blog rather than my Patrick Bateman persona. When I saw that NaBloPoMo was indeed a thing, I realised that Anonymous blogging would be more fun, and that I actually had more ideas stored for this blog than my other.


The question is, what the hell do I write about? I started this blog because I was frustrated with my life- with women, with work, with friendship circles and with my life in general. Most of my blog posts, however, feature girls not wearing a great deal. I occasionally blog about experiences with women, but I don’t have many of them- hence me being frustrated enough to start this blog.


I believe, though, that a successful blog should contain more than a diary of thoughts. An effective, engaging blog should involve ACTION. What is action? It’s something that is happening. And as a blogger, I belive you should go out and DO THINGS on which to base your blog posts. This makes much more engaging and interesting content that your own opinions on whatever subject you pick.


So how does this sound? I’ve made numerous attempts throughout my adult life to overcome problems that I have with women. Occasionally I’ve been successful, but more often than not I haven’t. This cannot continue. I need to become more confident, more happy with myself and more comfortable around women. November is the month that I’ll make this happen, and I’ll blog every day to record my efforts. Meanwhile, I’ll also try to promote this blog by commenting on other blogs- maybe yours- so feel fre to comment on mine.


Are you doing NaBloPoMo? How have you started out?

One thought on “NaBloPoMo is a thing? Okay then.

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