How Saville Got Away With It


Over on Guido Fawkes’ blog, a debate is raging over a Radio 5 Live interview between presenter Nicky Campbell and BBC broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, in which Gambaccini claims to have been too innocent to realise what Jimmy Savile was doing with young girls at the BBC.


The show aired a shocking revelation when Gambaccini asked “Why, 10 years ago, did a reporter from the Scottish Sun go around a wedding boasting that everybody at The Sun knew about the Saville necrophilia story?”

In an attempt to shift some of the blame off the BBC (and possibly off himself), Gambaccini tries to rationalise the fact that everybody at the Beeb- and at other media organisations- knew Savile was a paedo, but did nothing. Gambaccini sounds nervous throughout the interview, and yet the topic of paedophilia is one he sticks to throughout without attempting to stray from the subject.

But what, you might ask, would he stray towards? What else would he have to say?

The BBC was rocked by another- much smaller- scandal when, in 2004 Channel 4 aired Snorting Coke with the BBC.

So we KNOW that class A narcotics and paedophilia were a part of life in some sections of the BBC. The question is, what don’t we know? What else has happened at the various BBC buildings across the UK?

Is it possible that people didn’t want to speak out against Saville because they just didn’t want the police snooping around? That they just didn’t want the authorities- and the public- to know the full extent of their sordid affairs? We already know that Savile was a paedo necrophiliac, and since this recording was aired Gambaccini himself has been arrested. Marketing journal The Drum states: “He is the 15th man to be arrested under Operation Yewtree. Others to have been charged in the investigation include Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, Dave Lee Travis and David Smith.

There will be innocent people at the BBC who genuinely have nothing to do with paedophilia, but why wouldn’t anyone speak up at the time? Because they were all cokeheads, and that becoming public knowledge could more realistically ruin a career than the possibility of being exposed as a paedophile?


Who will be left at the Beeb in 12 months time? How will the corporation be holding up? Will media graduates still want to apply for BBC jobs? What other revelations are going to emerge?

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