NaBloPoMo Realism

I don’t even know who these girls are. Fit though, right?


Hi there. I have a part-time job, a mental condition, family in the south of England, a blog different to this one and a flat to keep up. AND I’m attempting to take part in National Blog Posting Month.


As you can see, I’ve already failed in my task to blog every day, due to the above factors in my life. Blogging every day just isn’t realistic. But there’s no harm in trying, right? So what is the best way of getting as much content as possible ready so that throughout the month there’s always something there to post?


I use the ColorNotes app from the Play Store on Android. It allows me to keep a checklist of ideas and to strike them out after I’ve completed them. I now have a NaBloPoMo list on my phone under this app. I have about 19 ideas, which should take me just to the end of the month provided I keep writing. But who knows what might happen over the next few months? I plan to go out and do things that will be worth writing about, which could build the list, but I have already found that some ideas are blending together. (Stay tuned for a post in rhyme about an uncomfortable scenario from when I was 10 years old.)


The only way you can do this project is if you have plenty of time, and- if you’re blogging anonymously like I am, plenty of privacy. I haven’t had much of either of those this last weekend, but I am on leave next week, so there’s a good chance I’ll catch up. Every cloud, etc.


Are your ideas impromptu or from a stash? And is your life getting in the way of your blogging?

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