I was sexually abused as a 10-year-old: A poem


Another NaBloPoMo blog I need to round off


This time it’s something I’m not particularly proud of


An era of youth that’s not so carefree


an uncomfortable truth from 1993


a seven year friendship turned bitter and cruel


during an afternoon at Saddleworth Pool


I look back with feelings of bitterness and venom


towards the boy that we will call MM


My thoughts like the pool, made of fluidity


How could I have acted with such stupidity?


The lesson had ended, another begins


a changing cubicle the place of his sins


I remember the confusion: Did he like me? Did he hate me?


As he pressed his prepubescent body against me


He knew that I wouldn’t know what to expect


and I realise now that in retrospect


He might not have known what “special needs” was


But he knew I was different and naive ’cause


We spent five years in primary school


and that’s why he thought that I’d be cool


with him touching me with his penis and hands


I’m graphic ’cause that’s what this thesis demands


If he could do this at the age that he was,


As an adult, who knows what he’s capable of?


Next year we attended two different schools


I didn’t fit in, like an insolent fool,


But I stayed in touch with MM like a fool,


And he told me he hated his secondary school


He was always a strange one, that can’t be denied,


and I’ve pushed all those thoughts in my mind to one side


But then last week, just out of curiosity


I searched on LinkedIn without any animosity


He’s a manager now, in charge of a team,


He’s MIEP, whatever that means.


I wonder sometimes if he ever remembers


or feels guilt due to what he did with his member


But none of that matters, and strangely, I’m glad


‘Cause survivors of rape would not think it so bad


I wonder- what made him do such an act?


Could it be that MM was abused in his past?


Maybe, but I wanted to end off this verse


by trying to stop things from becoming worse


If ever you notice a child is strange


or their knowledge of sex is advanced for their age


Don’t wait ’til the signs are too clear to see


Report as a crime to the NSPCC.






One thought on “I was sexually abused as a 10-year-old: A poem

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