Who can justify firework displays?




In 2012 Manchester City Council shelled out £20K on fireworks for their New Year’s display. The money was sourced by asking for handouts from local businesses. The previous year, Manchester had no official NYE firework display.



Meanwhile, Manchester is axing £80 million’s worth of jobs. The £20K on fireworks is a comparative drop in the ocean, but isn’t this one of hundreds of ways in which the city council can save their money?



I’m not actually suggesting that the fireworks display doesn’t go ahead, though. I’m wondering whether it might be more efficient to have an entire display projected solely by holograms. This man quite clumsily claims that the closing ceremony of London’s 2012 Olympics was a covert holographic display. 



The comments are suggesting that a display of this size can’t be faked. If it could, how would it work? Where would the sound of the explosions come from? How far sound the sound travel, and how loud should it be? Would it cost more than the original fireworks displays?



Well, let’s pull the plug on that suggestion, then. Physical fireworks it is!


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