How do you get business cards for an anonymous blog?




Ask anyone about getting business cards printed, and they’ll point you in the direction of Vistaprint. This is great if you’re happy about information being printed about you, and sent to your home, and billed to your bank account.


If you want a business card to include a URL to your anonymous blog, you can’t ask a business to print that for you and bill you for it. What if someone within the printing company takes a look at your blog, which is clearly supposed to be anonymous, and Googles the details you gave them for payment? Shit, they could put you out of a job, out of a relationship- they could screw up your whole life, if they so decided to.


So what’s the alternative?


Years ago, Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre used to have a card-printing machine over the walkway from New Look. You could walk up, put in some coins, print what you wanted, pick up your cards and leave, and- unless machine operators had access to the computer’s memory- no-one would know what had been printed. Even if they did, they wouldn’t know who had printed each job.


It was perfect for anonymous bloggers like myself. That machine, though, disappeared from the Arndale long before I ever started this blog. Online card printers seem to have pushed them out of business. Google is coming up short. Making my own would be hideously amateur. What’s the alternative? How does an anonymous blogger get blog cards?


Answers on a blog card…

2 thoughts on “How do you get business cards for an anonymous blog?

  1. Here’s what I’d do (because I’m rabid when it comes to my anonymity, too). Set up a PayPal account with your pseudonym as the “Company Name” or whatever. The privacy agreements we sign and they promise protects you. And then use that PayPal account to pay for things.

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