What I started a blog for: 5/6


I hope this is an explanation that my mates deserve, and that anyone else reading understands. When I first saw that MySpace had a blog function, I realised I had an opportunity to express myself. I wanted to make clear to people why I behave the way I do and what exactly the difficulties are that I face. All the blogs I’ve written were an attempt to dare myself into honesty. I can’t be more honest than I have in this entry. I’d like to leave you with a quote from legendary writer Bret Easton Ellis.

“There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable… All the mayhem I have caused, I have now surpassed.”

Having written this, my friends read it, SL read it after I gave a link to one of her friends, who had passed it onto her, and then I left a blog card where my dad could find it and he read it too. Given that everyone’s names were listed in here, he warned me I could be sued and that it was “crap”. So I took it down. I also sent it to someone running a “fanzine” who sent me a very garbled and grammatically flawed response telling me how much she hated it and how weird I sounded. Looking back, she had a point.

I wrote this blog post (it was one 5000 word post) after a blog hiatus of nearly 6 months. All of my ideas were backing up and they all splurged together into one dreadful diatribe. I learned from this a number of things:

  1. More people respect me than I realised.

  2. Employers can read this, so be careful.

  3. Blog in short, bite-sized pieces. People have no patience online.

  4. Blog regularly. Don’t let your blog stagnate.

  5. Think about who it is that you are angry towards when you write.

  6. Hypnotherapy is bullshit.

  7. The more you understand people, the better a writer you become.

  8. People don’t want to read about your misery. They’ve got their own and they’re uncomfortable with yours. If you’re gonna blog it, turn it positive somehow.

  9. No-one respects MySpace blogs. (Hence their eventual disappearance after the site’s rebirth.)

  10. People like you more than you realise. Don’t be disbelieving when people praise you. You’re talking yourself out of good opportunities.

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